PureC project


The intention of this project is to create a server-based platform which can conduct persistent searches on the Internet related to the content of documents hosted on the environment.

The platform will complement the "transactional" or "on demand" search paradigm delivered by Google and others today.

Thus the platform should provide an automated method for monitoring content that could relate to the document. The document could contain free text, as well as content that is clipped from Web sites, RSS feeds and discussion groups.

This persistent search service should not only monitor the content, but make it available within a Web based interface for the owner of the document to review, and, if appropriate, modify the contents of the document thereby.

2007 corrib.org

Corrib cluster project is supported by Enterprise Ireland under GrantNo. ILP/05/203, Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. SFI/02/CE1/I131.
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